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Alexander Moyzes

"Jazz" Sonata for two pianos

Anthony Goldstone & Caroline Clemmow

Moyzes (1906 - 1984) was a Slovak composer who, while broadly neoromantic in bent, displayed an astonishingly diverse but sincere eclecticism in his writing. He taught and edited music in Bratislava for decades and is considered one of the most important Slovak composers of his generation. 


I would like to say a big thank you to Curtis LINDSAY (composer, pianist), because from now, he is our new member in staff and also he is the Head of the Music Section. Good luck and welcome, Mr. Lindsay!

Thanks for the warm welcome—happy to be doing a little trans-Atlantic curating of 20th c. music. Please check out this wonderful piece by the relatively little-known Alexander Moyzes. I’d love to perform this one someday.

And follow!

My Bad Poetry #19

'and the mermaid said, why bother?'

April is the coolest month, making

Swim trunks out of old jean shorts, mixing

Tanqueray and lager, stirring

Stray dogs with spry brains.

YouTube kept us dazed, covering

ears in formica rhymes, slipping

A tiny boy in tired viewers.

Seymour surveyed us, driving over the wet interstate

With a powder of beans; we stood on the fish-drenched wharf,

And went on in green mist, into the new Starbucks,

And drank macchiatos, and passed out.

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